[81], Iris Amicitia (イリス・アミシティア, Irisu Amishitia) is the younger sister of Gladiolus and a childhood friend of Noctis. [152] Jenni Lada, writing for Siliconera, felt that the additional backstory and interactions shown in Brotherhood helped the main game's narrative work. Darin De Paul is the English dub voice of Ardyn Izunia in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and Keiji Fujiwara is the Japanese voice. [118] Noctis's group fights a corrupted Ifrit, while the other Astrals aid in the assault on Insomnia, then unite their power with Noctis to destroy the Starscourge and Ardyn. Gender . [51][52] The scrapped content was instead turned into a novel of the same name, written by Emi Nagashima based on the draft scenario;[39] the novel released in 2019 in Japan and 2020 in the West. [81] Ardyn makes a cameo appearance in Assassin's Creed: Origins as part of a franchise crossover between Square Enix and Ubisoft in 2017. In the German version of Episode Ignis Ardyn introduces himself as "Ardyn Lucis Caelum Izunia". [12] His ambition was to make XV "about man in the real world", including less fantasy elements. [146] In his review of Kingsglaive, Andrew Barker of Variety felt the "throwaway characters" were one of its biggest flaws. [42] While the media universe was expanded, Tabata divided the two phases between pre-release media and post-release downloadable content (DLC) and spin-off titles. His character went otherwise unchanged. To achieve this, the designers focused on the shape of her eyes and mouth, blending her appearance in Final Fantasy XV with that in Kingsglaive so she could project an air of grace and strength even when standing still. I remember thinking Ardyn was so lame at first, but he emerged into one of my favorite villains in general. Darin de Paul is an American actor and voice actor. [1] Initially in development for PlayStation 3, Versus XIII was shifted to the eighth generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. [36] Another contributing artist was Yusaku Nakaaki, who helped design Cindy. Ardyn wears a black fedora (which he can swap for various other hats in Episode Ardyn) and sometimes wears a black winglike accessory on his left arm (). [88] When Regis accepted Niflheim's peace offer despite knowing it is a trap, he sent Noctis away from the chaos that would ensue in the events of Kingsglaive. He dresses in a black trench coat, maroon-and-ivory-striped vest, white shirt, pinstripe trousers, and black leather shoes. [101] Prompto is voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara in Japanese and Robbie Daymond in English. In a Famitsu interview, the origin of "Izunia" was explained thusly: "Ardyn doesn't remember much about whose surname it is. [16], The initial story themes were "misery" and "bonds", with all characters representing these themes through their actions and circumstances. The character Umbra was supposed to be one of the group, but these plans were changed. [142] Philip Kollar of Polygon called Noctis's companions the game's "beating heart". Staff No staff for this anime have been added to this title. [75] Lunafreya was described as the "keystone" linking the narratives of Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive and Brotherhood. [100] Gladiolus's original design was dubbed a "straight muscleman" by Naora, but was redesigned to appear more intellectual for Final Fantasy XV. It also saw commentary on its portrayal of gender roles and character disability. [42] While she did not have an active role in Kingsglaive, her character strength was conveyed through a single-minded determination. His cooking skills are explained in-game to exchanges with Noctis during their early lives. In Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, it is simply said Ardyn was given the name Ardyn Izunia as he became an imperial citizen. [63], Prompto Argentum (プロンプト・アージェンタム, Puronputo Ājentamu) is the protagonist of Episode Prompto. [8][9][26] In gameplay, four of the Astrals—Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan and Shiva—act as regular summons during the game, triggered based on the local environment and Noctis's situation. [70][97][116] She later appears in Episode Prompto, sent by Noctis to find Prompto. [114], Regis features as the lead playable character in the spin-off title A King's Tale, portrayed as a fairy tale told by Regis to a young Noctis. He voices Ardyn Izunia in the Final Fantasy XV Universe. [31] His red hair color was chosen because his Japanese voice actor, Keiji Fujiwara, had previously voiced red-haired characters Reno from Final Fantasy VII and Axel from the Kingdom Hearts series. I definitely thought Ardyn would - and should - be the second choice for FFXV, but damn if I don't want Aranea and Prompto to round out that game. [36] The characters of Kingsglaive were designed to be relatable, playing into the movie's themes. [141] IGN's Vince Ingenito said the relationships within Noctis's party gave the game its only heart, as he felt its supporting cast was underused and its romantic elements poorly written. [60][102] Initially a shy and obese child when he first met Noctis at school, a chance encounter with one of Lunafreya's messenger dogs prompted Lunafreya to ask him to be Noctis' friend—Prompto slims down and builds up his confidence, ending up firm friends with Noctis when they meet in high school. This is not the struggle until dawn. The attire is completed by a red scarf around his neck, a black fedora on his head, and a … When she was a child, Noctis shielded her from trouble when she got lost in the grounds of Regis's palace; her later confession to Gladiolus helped soften his view of Noctis. [63], Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (ルナフレーナ・ノックス・フルーレ, Runafurēna Nokkusu Furūre, Lunafrena Nox Fleuret), "Luna" (ルーナ, Rūna) for short, is one of the central figures in Noctis' journey. Video Game: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Franchise: Final Fantasy The crown prince and protector of Lucis, he was chosen by the Crystal as the legendary True King when he was five years old. [88][c], The Kingsglaive (キングスグレイブ, Kingusugureibu) is an elite group dedicated to protecting Regis. Maintaining the Wall drains Regis of his life energy, causing him to age rapidly. [19] The original script was written by Kazushige Nojima, who described his story for Versus XIII as "Myth vs. [46][47][48] The online multiplayer expansion filled the ten-year gap in the narrative[44][45] A second series of DLC episodes was commissioned under the title The Dawn of the Future, which was intended to create an alternate series of events and allow a better ending where the lead characters defy their fates. was a Japanese voice actor. This is not a happy ending. They are empowered with abilities similar to those of the Lucian royal line. On his journey, he is accompanied by three companions: Gladiolus Amicitia, a brother-figure from a noble family sworn to Noctis's protection; Ignis Scientia, Noctis's strategist; and Prompto Argentum, a friend of Noctis from a lower-class family. I was glad they were able to add him to Dissidia. [96] She escaped Insomnia during Niflheim's invasion, taking refuge in Lestallum. [11][117] More than thirty years before the game's events, Verstael uncovered the dormant Ifrit and freed Ardyn from his prison, seeing them as a means to end the war with Lucis and to acquire immortality. Race. [77] According to Tabata, the relationship between Noctis and Lunafreya was not a typical love story despite their being engaged. [11][64] During the events of Kingsglaive, Lunafreya unsuccessfully attempts to reach Noctis and Regis, then becomes central to Niflheim's infiltration and eventual invasion of Lucis's capital Insomnia. [145] Wired's Matt Kamen was highly critical of the story's treatment of its female characters, calling Lunafreya a stereotypical damsel-in-distress. [70] After Lunafreya asks him to give Noctis Regis' sword, Ravus is labeled an enemy of the empire for his failure to contain the summoning of Leviathan, leading to his defecting to Noctis's side. ), the Japanese name for the least weasel. [83] Over the course of the story, she becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the empire's actions—particularly in capturing Daemons for experimentation—and ultimately severs ties with them, instead using her resources to aid refugees. Care was taken not to make her too prim, so that players could relate more to her. Call it the budget version of a movie adaptation... if movie adaptations were completely controlled by the author and actually came out true to the source material. The main protagonist is Noctis Lucis Caelum, sole heir to the throne of Lucis. Your Landscape Specialists - No Job Too Big or Too Small. [76] During the design process, it was decided that Lunafreya would assume and accept responsibility from a young age, putting her in direct contrast with Noctis; this required Lunafreya to be older than Noctis, which influenced elements of her character design. [59] The team needed to deal with the clash between normal dialogue and the fantastic elements, which threatened to undermine the narrative. These designs were completed by 2010, when the project was still known as Versus XIII. [33], The characters of Ardyn, Gentiana, Iris, Aranea, Umbra, Cindy, Cid, and Verstael were all designed by Roberto Ferrari, who had previously done work on Type-0 and was involved with the project from its earlier development as Versus XIII. Hair color. 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He felt that this helped balance out any problems with female representation in the game. The game's localization methods ended up backfiring after release due to the dialogue matching mechanism for characters causing line repetition or omission. A large amount of dialogue was conveyed using in-game conversations instead of cutscenes. This was because the team decided to focus on the dynamics within the core group of similarly-aged men, feeling that an older man would not be compatible with their plans. [27], Ardyn is voiced in English by Darin De Paul. To stop the lore becoming uninteresting, the divine beings' speech was made very impersonal—such as Gentiana not using "I" or "You" during her dialogue—and using interpretive dialogue for simple concepts. Nomura also wanted the dialogue to sound "natural and not game-like or lofty". [68] As she is persuading with the Astral Leviathan, she is fatally stabbed by Ardyn, giving the Ring of the Lucii to Noctis before dying. [148] GamesRadar was more positive, praising its cast as relatable. [63][82], Ravus Nox Fleuret (レイヴス・ノックス・フルーレ, Reivusu Nokkusu Furūre) is Lunafreya's older brother and a former prince of Tenebrae. 571-286-6491. At the game's beginning he has withdrawn from frontline politics, delegating the task of administrating his empire to Ardyn. Ardyn Lucis Caelum is my proper name." [140] Peter Brown of GameSpot enjoyed the grounded portrayal of the playable cast, but faulted the minimal representation of supporting characters despite portrayals in additional media. [1] The clothing for characters was designed by Hiromu Takahara, lead designer for Japanese fashion house Roen. Black remained an important color in-game due to its connection to the Lucian royal family. The summon Leviathan's design was the earliest completed for the game. [31] The redesign was also chosen as his original design no longer fit into the reworked story of Final Fantasy XV. Edit Opening Theme. [118] They join with Noctis in a final assault on Insomnia during the final battle. He also wanted to make her the first female character to "stand out from all previous [Final Fantasy heroines]". [144], Reviewing Kingsglaive, Meghan Sullivan of IGN said the voicework helped make the lead cast believable, but faulted its handling of the secondary characters. [53][54], The English localization of XV was led by Dan Inoue. [66][89][90] Ardyn reveals his motives by fatally wounding Lunafreya after she summons Leviathan, then harassing Noctis first by tricking him into attacking Prompto, then revealing the truth of their kinship when Noctis reaches the Crystal. Although his relationship with his brother had gotten strained over the years, he still cared for his brother enough to give him a chance to stand down. Male. [147] Polygon's Ashley Oh felt there was a lack of character development compared to other Final Fantasy narratives. Keiji Fujiwara (藤原 啓治, Fujiwara Keiji?) Ardyn Izunia Ardyn Izunia ... His red hair color was chosen because his Japanese voice actor, Keiji Fujiwara, had previously voiced red-haired characters Reno from Final Fantasy VII and Axel from the Kingdom Hearts series. [2][3] The development period ultimately lasted about ten years, although Tabata now refers to Versus XIII and XV as different games. [69][84] Ravus is voiced by Yūichi Nakamura in Japanese and Trevor Devall in English. His eyes were also narrowed to give him a "sultry gaze off into the distance". [73] While Nomura deliberately designed her against his usual tastes, he grew fond of her design over the years. [22] Brotherhood focuses on themes of brotherhood and friendship, and includes interpersonal scenes that could not be included in the game. He is initially introduced as Niflheim's Imperial Chancellor and regarded as both its main political force running the empire and benefactor of its advances in Magitek technology. [63][82], Verstael Besithia (ヴァーサタイル・べスティア, Vāsatairu Besutia) is the head researcher of Niflheim, and the "father" of Prompto, a promising scientist in his youth who developed the Magitek army from Solheim's lost technology to reduce casualties in his people's war against Lucis. A scene that was removed was the original opening, in which Noctis met another character at a treaty-signing party, then had to escape Lucis when the forces of Niflheim attacked; those scenes were changed to have the group being away at the time of the invasion. Care was taken to retain his intellectual look. [149] Carter found the anime Brotherhood helped him become interested in the game's lead cast.

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